距離感が大事/Sense of distance is important


Compared to other sports, table tennis is a sport where there is a huge difference between those who are inexperienced and those who are experienced.


I feel that the main reason for this is whether you use your whole body to hit the ball or whether you hit the ball with your hands.


This time, I would like to summarize what you should think about when moving to use your whole body to continue hitting the ball in order to become stronger at table tennis.



空間が必要/need space


First of all, in table tennis, we often use the word ”get clogged”.


This word is usually not used in a good way.


Table tennis requires an effort to anticipate and react instantly, move quickly to the right position, and avoid ”get clogged”.


By continuing to create this space, it will be easier to hit the ball with more power, and you will be able to continue hitting the ball with the correct posture.


In fact, in a rally, it is definitely advantageous to clog your opponent and force him to return the ball just long enough to hit it, as it will be easier for you to hit a powerful ball yourself.




There are many things that are necessary for this purpose, but I feel that the ability to predict the long and short of it is very important.


When the ball is ”get clogged”, I think there are many patterns in which the player moves forward and is unable to react because he or she expects a long ball to come, or is unable to avoid a ball that comes in the middle.


This time, I would like to focus on long and short predictions.



長短への対処/Dealing with the long and short


Dealing with long and short is relatively easy. First, stand in a position where you can hit the backspin push from your opponent.


At that time, if you take firm steps, you will be able to react quickly to the ball that is stopped on the table.



When your opponent tries to switch to the offensive with a flick or drive, or when you need to hit a back drive because you are sending a fast backspin push to the back side, create a little space in front of your body by stepping back with both feet.

This is very important!


It is very difficult to be able to move properly at the moment your opponent hits the ball, and to instantly understand which position is best, whether long or short, left or right, as soon as your opponent hits the ball, and instantly move to that position. But it’s the secret to becoming stronger.




Thank you for reading to the end.

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