特殊素材の『ALC』って何?/What exactly is the special material “ALC”?


This time, I would like to take a deeper look at “ALC”, a special material used in butterfly rackets that I often hear about.


ALCとは、アリレートカーボン(Arylate CARBON)という材質になります。よく、インナーフォースという言葉も聞きますが、これはラケット面の内側の中心に近い方に特殊素材を入れた仕様ということを意味します。

ALC is a material called Arylate Carbon. You often hear the term “inner force”, which means that a special material is placed near the center of the inside of the racket surface.


Butterfly has a track record of about 30 years since releasing Viscaria to the world in 1993.


Viscaria is a very popular racket that is still used by many active table tennis players, so I think everyone is familiar with it.


When this arylate carbon racket was developed, there were complaints that although carbon had a high repulsive force, it was extremely hard and difficult to spin.


In order to overcome this problem, we created a special material called arylate carbon by mixing arylate fibers, which are soft and easy to rotate, into a single sheet. Arilate is a material with excellent vibration damping properties, and is characterized by the fact that it does not leave any impact on your hands.


Compared to regular wood rackets, I think ALC falls into the category where it flies well. When it comes to Inner Force, it doesn’t feel like flying much, but it still feels like flying compared to wood.


Of course, wooden rackets are easier to spin. I think it’s perfect for those looking for a racket that has good control performance and ball retention, but doesn’t transmit vibrations to your hands.



However, please note that since the ball does not resonate with your hands, it may be difficult to control or the feel of the ball may change. In order to improve your technique, I think it would be a good idea to switch to a racket made of a special material once you reach a certain level, but I think that would make it difficult to develop a fine sense.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t resonate at all, so I think it’s a matter of preference. I read a lot of reviews, some good and some bad.


Of course, it is recommended that you have a good sense of how to properly hold, grip, and control a racket, but it is recommended that you have a solid foundation of detailed techniques before using it.






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